OrlaUP is our little way to try and make a difference it also represents the most effective form of therapy for me as it has focussed a great deal of energy and emotion into something hopefully very positive. (At the very least I taught my self how to build a website from scratch…every cloud).

The plan is to take part in 4 of the toughest Ultras in Europe. Each in their own way will push me to my absolute limit which I hope will encourage you to help Hannah and I reach our ambitious fundraising target of £50,000 over the two and a half year duration.

Take a look at the Project Overview below which summarises what I will be doing – you can access more information on each of the proposed* events by clicking on the relevant link in the sidebar to the right…yes I’m as worried as you are.

Project Overview

Check out the other pages here for further information on the damage CMV can do and what CMV Action is doing to help. You can also follow links in the footer to CMV Action and JustGiving’s websites.

Quite literally £ equals awareness but if you can’t donate please talk about, tweet, instagram, snap, Facebook whatever information you can. Thank you.

*There is one caveat to OrlaUP.

I have my place for the Lavaredo secured. The other events are notoriously hard to enter, demand is extremely high. If you are kind enough to sponsor me rest assured that any event will be appropriately substituted if I miss out on a place.